Custom Seeding


You choose what you want, we start and harden them off for you. Then you take them home and plant away. Everybody wins!

Food is medicine, grow your sovereignty today.

1 thought on “Custom Seeding”

  1. Dear wonderful human. This is my first year gardening. I am not picky. I was raised on a farm where you ate what was offered, and did it with gratitude. My flavor palate has been nicely diverse as a result. I would like to try growing whatever you recommend. I’ve been particularly grateful to purchase one of each start that was offered during the spring. I’ve tasted things that I didn’t know existed. If you are itching to try something or have a recommendation, I’m all for it. My budget is 100.00 in starts. I’d like 2 of each start in case one plant doesn’t make it. I’m making a lot of beautiful mistakes right now. My plants from you are producing the most wonderful things.

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