Support BIPOC Farmers

Want to help us grow? Thank you.

Barn. We’re currently fundraising to build a 12×20 dry barn for herbs and other plants to dry and cure after harvest. The total cost for this project is about $7000. Can you help us get there? Let’s build that barn!

Use less plastic. There’s a lot of plastic in farming. We want to decrease our reliance on plastic greenhouse supplies. To do this we need the ability to purchase a large amount of biodegradable, plastic-free seed starting materials. We need to purchase higher quality seed starting trays that don’t break down in the sun (leaching plastics into your food, aghhh). We want to help you regain your food sovereignty, and to do that we need supplies. 

General. We also have a general donation fund which helps us to cover rent and other expenses that have arisen due to COVID-19 shenanigans.